If date and time are important, if you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary,  BOOK EARLY, the sooner the better.  Many people book months ahead, and especially if you want the sunset slot on the weekends, these sell out fast.   That being said their is much last minute availability, even same day,  just call us, and we we do our best to accommodate you!

Unless extremely adverse weather conditions prevent us from leaving the dock for safety reasons, we will sail in the rain, heat, cold, humidity, etc. Our cockpit can be completely covered in case of a sprinkle.   On the day of your sail, we will call you if their might be weather issues.   Please note that long term forecasts are incorrect 99% of the time.


Please refer to our Terms and conditions for more details.

Please arrive 15-30 minutes early to avoid missing your sail.  If you are running late, please call or text 917-560-2090 ASAP. If you have booked a private charter, we will wait up to 40 minutes, but please be advised, the end time will still be the same.

On a group tour our yacht will leave ten minutes past your scheduled sailing time with no recourse for a refund or re-booking.  

Often seasickness can be avoided by keeping your head up, looking at the horizon, keeping air in your face and staying active. Never go down below into the cabin if you suffer from motion sickness.  You can try ginger pills, wrist bands or even patches behind your ears.  If you do opt for over the counter medications, please take your choice at least one hour prior to boarding the boat to give the medication time to take effect.  There is a varied amount of medication to quell motion sickness. Please consult with your doctor for suggestions.  99% of our guests do not get sick as our vessels are very large and stable, and the harbor is very calm.

Yup!  We have two full sized bathrooms down below that work just like yours at home. (Well close enough anyway)


Assume, bad traffic, and plan to be early.  I always suggest to aim 30 minutes before departure.

ABSOLUTELY!  If the weather conditions permit you may take the wheel, help with sail controls as much as you like.  The captain prides himself on helping people understand how a sailboat works.


Yes!  All our yachts are blue tooth enabled, and your music will play throughout the boat on our Bose surround sound systems.

Sailing during the spring and fall, it is best to dress in layers.  It can be cooler at sea than on land; it is advised to bring a jacket or sweatshirt. At a minimum you should bring a brimmed hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. The captain will ask you to remove your shoes before you board, as shoes are not allowed on our yachts.  Bare feet and socks are fine, we also provide “wool booties” on the colder days.  We will stow your shoes down below.

Any bags, backpacks or personal items will be stowed inside the cabin.


Unfortunately, unless you give us 15 days notice we cannot reschedule your charter.  Booking a charter is just like buying a plane ticket.  We hold that time and date for you specifically, and turn down others who would like to book and their are no refunds.