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Starters _1.jpg

Selection of cheeses and grapes

Serves up to 6 people

$ 48.00


Hummus, and pita bread

Serves up to 6 people

$ 35.00


½ Dozen Blue Point raw Oysters

Delivered to our vessels daily, Washington State.

Served with Cocktail sauce,lemon and horseradish

$ 40.00


Caviar (Russian) Siberian 1oz

Originating from pure Siberian sturgeon stocks,deep mahogany to black in color and expresses clean focused flavor. Served with Crackers, Sour cream, Egg whites, Crumbled yokes, and minced red onions.


Shrimp dumplings.jpg

Shrimp Dumplings

6 Large shrimp dumplings made by our chef, served with soy sauce. 

$ 36.00


Shrimp platter

Wild, served with lemon and cocktail sauce

$ 55.00

Antipasto Plate.jpg

Antipasto Plate

Serves up to 6 people  

$ 85.00

Mini Sandwhich Platter.jpg

"Mini" Sandwich Platters

7 Mini sandwiches assorted cuts  

$ 25.00



fruit brunch.jpg

Includes mimosas, Omelets cooked on board to order.

Prosciutto and melon, assorted muffins, and fruits.  

$ 85.00 pp




Seared Wild Salmon with whole grain Dijon mustard and agave lemon sauce

Cooked to order on board  

$ 45.00


Sesame encrusted seared, sushi grade, Ahi Tuna with wasabi and soy sauce.

Cooked to order on board  

$ 50.00


Chilean Seabass

Seared to perfection in a mushroom, Shallot reduction.

This is a guest favorite.

$ 68.00

Twin Lobster tails with butter and lemon

Cooked to order on board  

$ 55.00

Surf and Turf.jpg

Surf and Turf - Filet mignon with Lobster tail, served with lemon butter sauce.

Cooked to order on board  

$ 65.00

Filet minion choice cut

Cooked to order on board  

$ 45.00


8oz Prime Rib

Cooked to order on board by our chef. 

Coffee, black pepper, and salt rub.

Grilled to perfection.

$ 78.00

Pasta Pesto.jpg

Penne Pasta with Pesto sauce

Vegan – Basil, pine nuts, garlic

Extra virgin olive oil   

$ 30.00

Kale Salad.jpg

Kale Salad - Vegetarian (Vegan)

Kale, berries, nuts, raisins, dried Cranberries, balsamic  

$ 30.00


Tuna sushi.jpg

Honey Mango Tuna with pepper


Salmon Avocado with Japanese Mayo


Rainbow roll.jpg

Rainbow roll


Tuna Sashimi.jpg

YF Tuna Sashimi

14 pieces  

$ 56.00


Hamachi Sashimi

Hamachi (Yellow Tail) 12 pieces- Delivered fresh to our vessels daily.

$ 68.00

sushi boat.jpg

Sushi Boat

2 – Salmon avocado roll

2 – Honey mango Tuna roll

1 – Rainbow roll

1 – 12 Piece Tuna Sashimi

$ 165.00



6 Chocolate Truffles

From New Orleans oldest chocolatier, Laura's Candies est. 1913.


1 Rum Ball

1 Amaretto

1 Grand Marnier

2 Black Forest

1 Triple Chocolate

$ 50.00

Strawberry heart plate big.jpg

Belgium Dark Chocolate with fresh Strawberries for Two



Juniors 6” NYC Cheesecake

Voted #1 Cheesecake in NYC.

Made in Brooklyn, NY

$ 55.00


Raspberry Swirl 6” Cheesecake

Voted #1 Cheesecake in NYC.

Made in Brooklyn, NY

$ 55.00


Chocolate Swirl 6” Cheesecake

Voted #1 Cheesecake in NYC.

Made in Brooklyn, NY

$ 55.00


Chocolate Fudge Cake 6”

Made in Brooklyn, NY

$ 55.00


Carrot Cake 6”

Made in Brooklyn, NY

$ 55.00


One Dozen Roses

$ 65.00

Water and soft drinks are complimentary, we stock coke, diet coke, ginger ale.

Liquor Selections


A pleasant whiff of barnyard lends savory tones of earth and animal to crisp blackberryand plum flavors. It's an opulent, slightly warming wine with a plummy, voluminous mouthfeel that's vibrantly balanced by fresh acidity. The finish ismoderately long, lingering on hints of sun-driedthyme, lavender and grippy tannins.

$ 58.00


This wine is carefully aged in French and American Oak barrels, providing just the right balance between varietal flavors, crisp acidity and complementary oak character.Stainless steel fermented,leaving this Cabernet with deep purple color and bright clarity.

$ 28.00


Clean and brilliant, deep cherry red with russetrim. Spicy notes, vanilla and black fruits mingled with liquorice and mint nuances. Good structure and elegant tannins. Long finish for a sheer class wine.

$ 32.00


Intense purple with violet reflections.Concentrated aromas of red berries, plums,cherries, and raisins, highlighted by notes of toast,coconut an vanilla from aging in new French Oak Barrels.

$ 42.00


Pavilion Chardonnay 2017 is a full-bodied winewith a creamy palate balanced by a hint of tropical fruit and acidity. It begins with a delicate infusion of peach, pear, quince, and aromas of crushed stone. Its 9 months in French oak presents itself through hints of grilled almonds and vanilla on the midpalate, and is highlighted by a juicy and lingering finish.

$ 38.00


The bright, pure flavors of our Sauvignon Blancecho the spectacular beauty of NewZealand’s SouthIsland. A beautiful light straw color with a tint ofgreen. Zesty citrusand floral aromas lead to balancedflavors of passion fruit, melon, fig and gooseberry,followed by a clean, refreshing finish. It’s exquisite on its own or paired with lighter fair.

$ 28.00


Cotes de Provence, France. This is full of mouthwatering flavor with a lovely texture.Lots of light fruit flavors with a clean finish,this wine does well to demonstrate the power of its grape.

$ 38.00


Chloe Rose is a Pinot Noir-based blend that is light and elegant in style. This dry Rose is ballet slipper pink in color, offering delicate notes of fresh strawberries, rasberries and watermelon on nose and palate.

$ 28.00


Bright with persistent bubbles, the wine has a fruity aroma of citrus, green apple and acacia blossoms. On the palate, the elegant, brut-style wine has a pleasant acidity and freshness and a soft, round mouthfeel.

$ 28.00


Spain- Crisp, clean and well-balanced. This wine is medium-bodied with a palate of apple,pear and bright citrus flavors with a moderatelylong finish and a crisp touch of ginger.

$ 48.00


Lovely aromas and flavors of tropical fruit,citrus, spice and yeast. The fine, persistent mousse has a very fresh aroma and is lively and golden. This is a creamy, round, rich,balanced champagne with flavors of freshapples and lemons and a lingering finish.

$ 88.00


Moet & Chandon Imperial Champagne

$ 88.00


Veuve Clicquot Champagne

$ 98.00


Dom Perignon 2006 Champagne

$ 265.00


Domestic Beer $ 5.00

Imported Beer $ 7.00

Domestic: Bud, Bud Light, Sam Adams.

Imported: Stella, Heineken, Goose Island IPA, Blue Moon Belgium Wheat.


Tito’s vodka, Hudson Valley Whiskeys,

Jack Daniels, Knob Creek.

Casamigos Tequila, Patron Silver.

Pussers Rum.