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12 guests is our maximum passenger capacity. 

Charters 6 people or less:  2 hours - $ 650.00
$ 325.00 for each additional hour.

Private "Dinner for two package"  

$ 795.00 - includes dinner and drinks and desert. 

Romantic private charter for 2 (No dinner) departing between 10 AM - 2 PM weekdays  1 hr 45 min.

Jersey City: $ 475.00. 
Manhattan: $ 575.00

Private charters for groups above 7 people: 

$ 155.00 per person for a two hour charter. $ 70.00 per person each additional hour. 

The best way to see costs and availability is to go to this link:
Then: rates/booking

Then select departure location, date and time. You will be able to choose from a variety of options including food.  You are welcome to bring your own food and beverages if you prefer.  Please keep in mind weekends and sunset times fill up quickly, so advance booking is always recommended. 


We also offer door to door shuttle service from Manhattan and New Jersey at additional cost. Which you can select as you checkout online. 

Manhattan departures for private charters have a $68.00 - $155.00 Marina fee. (These fees are charged by the marinas, not us)  New Jersey pickups have no additional fees. TherE is no sales tax.

Please text or call if you have any questions:

Sail Away NY
Thank you !

We look forward to taking you sailing !!