Cancellation Policy:

All Charter Payments are non-refundable. Charters can be rescheduled up to one calendar year if the below criteria are met:

Within 15 Days of Charter booked:

Customers can reschedule their charter for up to one calendar year.

Less Then 15 Days Prior to booking:

No rebooking and no refund.


Please arrive 15 minutes early. If you are a no show there will be no refund and no possibility to re-book your charter even if you call ahead to say you are running late. If you are running late captain will wait for your group, however please bear in mind end time of charter will still be the same.


  • Length of time for each charter is flexible in nature due to tides, winds and other weather conditions. Every effort will be made to adhere to the schedule however, SailawayNY cannot be held responsible for charters that end earlier or later than scheduled. We require radio clearance to enter and exit all marinas. During our busy season we might encounter delays exiting and entering the marinas, this is beyond our control as we do not own the marinas. Yacht will dock back 5-10 minutes prior to the end your charter
    end time, to disembark guests and belongings.
  • If you have booked a private charter with more then six guests, and if some members of your group are unable to attend, even if advance notice given, that ticket price is not refunded. If you have made a deposit by credit card, and do not show up, the balance due will be automatically billed to yourcredit card.
  • Bedrooms on all are Yachts are strickly OFF LIMITS to our guests as per US Coast Guard regulations, as guests cannot be in an enclosed room down below other then a bathroom.
  • Every possible effort will be made to go sailing on your scheduled date and time. For safety reasons SailawayNY reserves the right to cancel any charter due to adverse weather conditions. Adverse conditions include but are not limited to: excessive winds (to be determined only by the Captain of the vessel), extreme lightning storms and other extreme weather warnings issued by The National Weather Service. If we decide to cancel the charter, you may reschedule any time within a year from the original booking. If a charter is to be cancelled it is at the sole discretion of the Captain of your Yacht, he/she will notify you by 11AM on the day of your charter. Guests cannot cancel or reschedule a charter if they are unhappy about the weather conditons on their scheduled charter date and time, no refund will be issued if guests do not show up for scheduled charter regardless of weather conditons, unless cancelled by captain.
  • SailawayNY cannot be responsible for last minute mechanical failures. Our Vessel is maintained to very high standards but it is a mechanical object and mechanics can fail at the last minute.
  • Cancelled charters to due to adverse weather conditions or mechanical failure will receive an email voucher valid for one calendar year. No refunds will be issued.
  • Please note that sailing will occur during the following conditions: Rain, Thunderstorms, windy days, cloudy skies, cold or hot temperatures and humid conditions. You May purchase Rain insurance for our sailing Yachts if you wish.
  • Passengers under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and are required to wear a life jacket.
  • SailawayNY has a zero tolerance for illegal drug usage or possession. The Captain of the vessel is required to immediately notify the Coast Guard if drugs or paraphernalia are discovered on board. Possession of a Medical Marijuana card does not allow it’s possession or use on board, nor does it mitigate the Captain’s responsibility to alert the Coast Guard. Any damage to our yachts will be billed on your credit card. Smoking or open flame is not allowed on any of our yachts as per US Coast Guard regulations. Captain has complete authority on your chartered yacht, if he/she is not obeyed, he/she has the right to cancel your charter early with no refund issued.
  • Privacy Policy and Personal Information: During registration on this website, we may collect personal contact and/or transaction
    related information for SailawayNY use only. We may also collect collect certain website usage data. We will not sell, share, or
    otherwise distribute this information to any third party without your consent and knowledge.

                                                            NAME AND CELL PHONE NUMBER.  

        If you are running late, the Captain will wait for you as long as you call and let him/her know.  Please be aware end time will be the same
    as the scheduled booking end time.
               Guest who booked charter must bring and show picture ID and credit card used for booking.
             All charters dock 5-10 minutes prior to charter end time to offload passengers and belongings.   
    15-22% Gratuity of entire total is customary in the charter business.  Please understand our crews depend on tips.  Tip should
    only be given to Captain of the vessel after the charter, preferably in cash.  It will be split with the staff on a percentage basis. 
                                                          All our vessels have a bathroom
    If you are a BYOB group and have not hired our server you are responsible to bring whatever you are drinking, and cups.  We do not provide
    mixers, soda, ice or water.   You are responsible for cleaning up after yourselves and dishes before vessel docks back at port.  

                                                          NO RIGID COOLERS PLEASE

    If you have requested and hired our server/s we will provide all plates, utensils, and glasses.  We will provide ice if requested in advance. 
    Complimentary bottled water and soft drinks are also included. 
    Captain will ask you to remove your shoes prior to boarding.  You may bring A CLEAN SEPERATE PAIR (That you are not wearing to the boat)
    of white soled or biege soled boat shoes only that you may wear on our yacht.  No shoes are allowed down inside the vessel.  This is to
    prevent scuffing of the deck, or scratches from rocks, gum, and other debris on the bottom of your soles.  In the cold weather months we
    will give you warm booties.
    1. Bring a light rain jacket with a hood, and sweater.  Hat and gloves if chartering in early Spring, or Winter.
    2. Children 12 and under must wear a life jacket outside of cockpit which we will provide.
    3. The cockpit is covered with a sun shade so you will be able to stay out of the sun if you wish.
    4. In case of rain and cold weather cockpit will be covered.  Bankets and hats will be provided dependant on weather.
    5. We are a Licensed Liquor Vendor and you must be 21 years of age to drink, we do check ID's.
    6. Drinking is not allowed while the vessel is docked.  Alcohol can only be served while out on the water. All drinks are collected at the end
    7.  of your charter before we dock.
    8. If you have booked a charter for 8-35 guests, if less people show up, or are unable to attend for any reason, even with advance notice,
    9.  we do not issue refunds for those guests that are not able to make the charter.
    10. The cost to repair Any damage to our yachts, i.e cushion staining, woodwork scratched, will be billed to your credit card on file.
    11. Smoking is not allowed as it is a fire hazard.
    12. If your group is over 25 people and you are bringing your own food and liquor a $ 500.00 security deposit will be authorized for any 
    13. vessel damage. 
    14. No rowdy, loud, lewd, or insubordinate groups will be tolerated.   Your group must remain quiet on the dock, no drinking or botttles are
    15.  allowed on the dock.  Failure to follow these rules will forfeit your deposit and end your charter early with no refund. We follow all NYS
    16.  Covid protocols and you must comply with those regulations while onboard. 
    17. Bedrooms are off limits for our guests as per US Coast Guard regulations for your safety.
    18. Groups of 12 guests on Purse Princess 50 foot yacht will be billed an automatic 15% gratuity on the total amount of the charter.
    19. Groups of 25 guests or more on Trident 60 foot yacht will be billed an automatic 15% gratuity on the total amount of the charter.
       Please text your captain when you arrive at the dock